How to respond to rudeness?


From the feedback, I know many readers can appreciate all my articles and benefited. They have bought all those shares I recommended and benefitted. In fact, all my recommended shares are still going up despite the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) dropped below 1,600. They are laughing at those stupid critics who continue to groan and mourn.

As you know there are many stock selection criteria such as NTA, healthy balance sheet, cash flow, etc. Profit or EPS growth prospect is the most important catalyst for moving share prices. When you buy any share, you must make sure that the company can make more profit this year than last year. If it cannot, the price will drop when the annual result is announced.

Now you must check your holdings, bearing in mind that you must control your emotion of fear and shame to think logically. It is always better to cut loss and utilize the proceeds to buy really good shares.

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