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As you know, I have posted quite a lot of articles to teach people how to improve their investment skill to make more money. I have also advertised to offer scholarships to help poor students.

I am very happy to read intelligent comments, especially from JT Yeo and Desa20201956 whom I wish to get to know personally. Please write to me.

The photo below shows some investors who visited me during the Chinese New Year festive season. They came all the way from Penang to tell me how much they have benefitted from reading my articles. From left Dr Steve Tan (Surgeon), Calvin Lim (Marketing Consultant), Koon Yew Yin, Dr Yeap(Anaesthetist) and Adrain Koay (Stock Broker). Obviously they have been successful.


The subsequent photo shows five girls who have received my scholarships about 10 years ago. They have all qualified as accountants and recently came to thank me for the help I have given them.


I wish to take this opportunity to cut and paste Mr Ooi Teik Bee’s comment quote

Posted by Ooi Teik Bee > Dec 16, 2015 08:55 AM on

“All of you aware that I am the champion in stock pick 2015 competition (last 11 months), I have very good records to show in I3 since 2013. My ROI for 2013 is 104%, 2014 is 61% and now 122% in 2015.

The aforesaid good records are still losing to Mr Koon. Mr Koon made more money than me in stock market. I have to accept the fact that I still need to learn from Mr Koon. He turned RM 10.5 into 106.5 million in 4.5 years (Please refer to Allan Yeoh’s report in I3).

Mr Koon bought VS < 3.00, the present price is around 8.00. I also bought this stock at 2.52 in January 2015, I sold all at 5.95 and I never buy back until this week I bought back at 1.50.

Please do not always criticize Mr Koon unless you have better records than him. I do not need to tripod Mr Koon here to please him. He is so humble to ask me to help him to make more money in KLSE so that he will donate more money to charity. He had fulfilled his promise to me by donating RM 50 million to Penang government. How can he ask me for help since his record is better than mine ? The only reason I can think of is he is humble.

I have a very good working relationship with him, I have to admit that I learn a lot of good tips from him. He also criticise some of my stock pick even though he has no say in my stock selection. He is so humble to say sorry after he realise that he is wrong. I have very good respect on him as far as stock investment is concerned. I have to admit that he is far better than me.

This is just my opinion, please ignore if you disagree. No war here please, I hope you can look at a better picture than attack me. I am telling you the truth here.

Thank you”

I believe Ooi Teik Bee is very good in share investment. That is why I have given Rm 15 million to Mr Ooi Teik Bee to manage for me.

Watching the movement of all my shares makes me happy, especially when most of my holdings are going up.

Unfortunately, there are a few who cannot appreciate my contribution and often make senseless comments. They must examine their own track record to see why they have performed so badly in life. Unless they change their attitude, they will remain poor and unhappy. They must remember that there are a lot of intelligent readers reading their nonsense.

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