Why Investar Kueh ShuTsung committed suicide?

Kueh Shu Tsung’s girlfriend told Mr Ooi Teik Bee the following:

Kueh Shu Tsung’s death has nothing to do with outsiders’ interference. He committed suicide himself due to financial problem.

This shows that I am not the cause for him to commit suicide.

She gave permission to Mr Ooi Teik Bee to post the below email she sent:

Quote: Hi mr Ooi i m glad tat u hv forgiven SK .. Very sad to see ppls using die ppl to attack others .. I admit he had done wronged b4 bad mouth u n Kyy many others .. But his compassion fr th animals r not same.. I believe his opology wt u r sincere .Unquote

He asked for forgiveness and wrote his last message in i3investor at 2.30 PM on 8th Nov. for bad mouthing Mr Ooi Teik Bee and me and committed suicide 3 hours later. This shows that Ooi Teik Bee and I are not the reason for him to commit suicide.

His girlfriend also posted in i3investor to say that his suicide is not due to any outsider’s interference.

The following is her postings: 借刀杀人 won’t work here ,his death nothing to do with outsider..
#TO WHOM WHO WILL SUFFER FROM HIS DEATH PLS MAKE SURE U TAKE GOOD CARES OF THE DOGS N CATS !And… for thoes who are Suffering now,mayb lah will suffer o not 早知今日,何必当初 the sky are watching .
S.K will never Rip if his animals are suffering .

I am so sorry to know that Kueh Shu Tsung has ended his life in such a tragic way. If he had asked me for help, I would have helped him, like I am helping so many poor people.

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