Share investment is not an easy game

Fred Tam, the famous teacher of charting and some of his students visited me a few days ago as the below photo shows. They wanted to know how I can be so successful in share investing.


I told them to be successful, you need more than just the knowledge of financial and technical analyses. You need to be able to control your emotion of ego, greed, fear, confidence etc. to think logically. If everyone can think logically then all the listed shares in the market would be fully valued and there would not be any undervalued share for sale. But that is not the case.

About 2 years, I gave one of my grandsons Rm 5.50 million to invest in the stock market. He has a MA Economics and a CFA qualification. He lost Rm 1.5 million within one year and he realized the difficulties of playing the game.

My clever Dentist brother thought he could play the game well. But I had to bail him out a few times. Losing money had created some unbearable stress which was one of the reasons for him to commit suicide.

Today Edge page 16 carries an article “TA Enterprise looking at Tee Keong’s assets”. According to the article, Dato Lim Tee Keong, the eldest son of Genting founder Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, lost a huge sum of money and TA Securities is suing him for Rm 146.62 million. Tee Keong passed away in April 2014. I think losing money has created some unbearable stress which could be one of the causes for his early death.

About 2 weeks ago, Keuh Tsu Tsung committed suicide due to his heavy losses in the stock market.

My advice to all the losers is to know when to retire and stop playing the stock market, instead of making senseless comments in If they really want to learn my investing method, they can find all my investment articles in my blog:

In the stock market is like 22 players chasing one round ball and trying to shoot it into the goal but the goal posts keep moving. This is a good analogy.

About one week ago, I proposed the following KYY Investment Competition to RHB Investment Bank and I am waiting for the bank’s approval. My purpose of giving you this information earlier is to encourage you to read all my investment articles so that you are more prepared to win a price.

       KYY Investment Competition

KYY’s object in this charity is to promote share investment skill.

KYY will offer Rm 750,000 and RHB Investment Bank will offer Rm 250,000 totaling Rm 1,000,000 per year as price money .

1st price Rm 200,000

2nd price Rm 150,000

3rd price Rm 100,000

4th price Rm 80,000

5th price Rm 60,000

6th price Rm 40,000

7th price Rm 20,000

35 consolation price of Rm 10,000 each

Total price money Rm 1,000,000

Rules and conditions

All participants must open an investment account with RHB with a minimum capital of Rm 100,000. They can increase their capital any time they like because the competition is based on the percentage gained from the total capital employed.

To discourage participants from taking too much risk, each participant must invest in a minimum of 8 counters and each counter must not be more than 25% of the total value of the his or her total holdings.

Starting date will be 1st Jan 2017 and competition will end on 31st Dec 2017. The final result will be announced not later than 7 working days after the completion closure.

RHB Investment Bank will manage this competition and will make quarterly announcement of the top 7 winners. The bank will announce the final winners after I have seen and approved the list of winners.

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