My last posting

In a few days, I will be 84 years old. I wish to retire from posting any more articles to avoid frustration and irritation from a few idiots who frequently make senseless comments. It is so sad to see that these idiots do not know that they are really stupid and poor.

If timetokoon, murali, and stockraider can show the amount of profit each of them has made from the stock market in whole of 2016 with documental proof, I am willing to give them double the amount they have made.

Many want to know why I dare not participate in Tan WK’s i3investor competition. The reason is that I cannot change the shares I picked at the start and to win I will have to depend on luck. In the actual situation, investors do not just buy shares and keep them for one year.

In fact, I wrote to offer Rm 100,000 as price money to Mr Tan WK to make the competition more exciting with the condition that participants can change the list of shares they picked. But he replied that he could not accept my offer because of a few constrains such management difficulties and the limitation of the computer system.

My Rm one million price investment competition proposal which RHB and Maybank rejected, is being considered by CIMB seriously. This price incentive will encourage more people to improve their investing skill. You have to have real money/capital to participate. I hope CIMB can get Securities Commission’s approval.

My last gift:

What is poison ??? Anything is more than our necessity is poison such as food, ego, greed etc.

What is fear??? It is non acceptance of uncertainty. If we accept that uncertainty, it becomes adventure.

What is envy??? It is non acceptance of good in others. If we accept that good, it becomes inspiration.

What is anger??? It is non acceptance of things which are beyond our control. If we accept, it becomes tolerance.

What is hatred??? It is non acceptance of a person as he or she is. If we accept him or her unconditionally, it becomes LOVE.

From now onwards, I will post all my writings on my own blog: You are free to visit the site anytime.

After this last posting, I can happily buy or sell to make money to give away.

Best wishes and good luck for 2017 to all my readers.

Koon Yew Yin

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