Can One share price is likely to climb


Its 3rd quarter EPS was 12.3 sen and for 3 quarters ending Sept 2016, its EPS was 32.05 sen. Its annual result ending Dec 2016 will be announced before the end of the month.

The chart shows that the share price has been consolidating for more than 6 months. All the so called expert chartists will not recommend buy now. But from my experience I believe the price will shoot when its 4th quarter result is announced in a few days because its annual EPS will be more than 40 sen.

This case is similar to Lii Hen which shot up 15 sen today when it announced its annual profit of 40 sen per share. All investors including expert chartists must ask themselves why they did not buy Lii Hen earlier?

If you dare not buy Can One now, you will have to ask yourselves the same question when it announces its annual result.

In fact, all investors must examine their track record to see how well they have been performing. If they did not buy Lii Hen before which has gone up more than 550% in the last 30 months, they are just low class investors.

I am obliged to tell you that I am the 2nd largest shareholder of Lii Hen, owning about 19 million shares and I am also a substantial shareholder of Can One owning 16 million shares.

If you decide to buy Lii Hen or Can One I am not responsible for your losses or profit. You are buying at your own risk.

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