Serba Dinamik Bhd comparing with JAKS


The current issue of Focus Malaysia carries a full page article on page 18 about Serba Dinamik to encourage readers to buy the shares. But I feel duty bound to prevent investors from losing money. You can see the comparison as follows:

Total issued shares: Serba Dinamik 1,334 million comparing JAKS 484 million

Current price           : Rm 1.65                                            Rm 1.47

Market Capitalization: Rm 2,201 million                         Rm 711 million

Owns 9.8 MW in East Kalimantan                 owns 40% of 1,200 MW in Vietnam

Plans to construct 3 hydropower plant in Sabah

with a total 29.1 MW

Using your common sense, you should know which one to invest    

I am obliged to tell you that my wife Tan Kit Pheng and I are the controlling shareholders of JAKS. My sole purpose for writing this article is to prevent you from losing money. My wife has 39 million and I have 88 million shares. Please bear in mind that we do not need you to buy to support the share price. But if you decide to buy, you are buying at your own risk.


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