Anwar cannot openly criticise the Finance Minister

The 2 articles criticising Anwar by Farida Reiss and Mujahidin Zulkiffli and comments which have been circulating through WhatsApp prompted me to write this piece.

One commentator wrote that he hopes voters will not elect Anwar to be a MP at a by-election specially tailored for him to be the next PM even if Pakatan Harapan has to lose a seat in Parliament.

Based on my 50 years’ experience in managing companies, watching the stock market and looking at companies’ announcements, I have never seen one company director criticising any director for any wrong doing openly. The reason is to avoid sending the wrong message to frighten shareholders and potential investors.

For the same reason, Anwar cannot criticise our Finance Minister openly to frighten investors, especially foreign investors to invest in Malaysia.

Just like many Malays including Anwar’s boys have questioned why Tun Dr Mahathir appointed Lim Guan Eng, a Chinese to be the Finance Minister. They must bear in mind that Guan Eng has a marvellous track record in managing Penang while he was the Chief Minister of Penang.

I trust readers will circulate this article to all their contacts so that they can also circulate it to all their contacts and hopefully it will eventually reach Anwar and Tun Dr Mahathir.

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