Why DAP Nga Kor Ming deserves to be a minister?

Yesterday Free Malaysia Today (FMT) posted a piece under the title “DAP’s Nga out of Cabinet” which prompted me to express my opinion here.

I have been supporting both physically and financially each of the 4 coalition political parties. As a result, the former Attorney General branded me as persona non grata and frozen my current bank account and withdrew all my Rm 40 million margin facilities for share investment. Almost immediately after Pakatan Harapan won control of the government, Dr Ong Kian Meng, assistant to our Finance Minister rang to tell me that all my banking facilities have been restored.

I know Nga Kor Ming very well. In the last general election, I went to 9 places within Perak to campaign for Pakatan Harpan especially for DAP candidates. In fact, I went to Telok Intan to campaign for Nga Kor Ming to fight against millionaire Gerakan President Mah Siew Keong, the former BN Primary Industries and Plantations Minister. Nga won by 12,000 votes.

I was told that DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng promised Nga that he would strongly recommend him to be a full Minister if he could kick out the BN Minister Mah who had won his seat several times in the previous general elections.

I am surprised to read FMT’s article that Nga Kor Ming will not be appointed as a minister.

According to media report, Tun Dr Mahathir wishes to have 28 ministries.

PKR has 47 MPs and will be awarded 9 ministers

DAP has 42 MPs and will be awarded 6 ministers

Amanah has 11 MPs and will be awarded 5 ministers

Warisan Sabah will be awarded 2 ministers

PPBM has 13 MPs and will be awarded 6 ministers, including the PM.

If you look at the above figures carefully, you can see that the award of minister posts for each coalition party is utterly out of proportion and unfair.

Currently 4 of DAP’s MPs have been appointed as Ministers.

Nga Kor Ming being the Perak DAP leader won all the 18 allotted state seats in the last few general elections. This is his 5th term as state assembly man since 1999 and his 3rd terms as MP since 2008.

He is the deputy secretary general of DAP.

In 2008, he defeated PPP’s President Tan Seri M Kayveas in Taiping.

In short, he has defeated 2 BN’s component’s parties Presidents who were Ministers. That is why I say that he deserves to be a minister.

DAP’s top leadership had recommended him to be a minister.

Based on YB Nga Kor Ming’s amazing track record, especially his ability to kick out 2 of BN’s ministers, he deserves to be a minister.

Moreover, Nga is one of the best orators in our country. His powerful command of Bahasa, English, Chinese and a bit of Tamil never failed to amaze everybody. In the past 22 years, he had travelled to almost every town and village to campaign for the opposition coalition parties against the corrupted BN government. He had campaigned in more than 2,000 ceramahs and finally help Pakatan Harapan win control of the government.

How can anybody blame him for his firely speeches? He might have made some crude remarks but who has not done so during his or her decades of political career.

I trust Tun Dr Mahathir, as a senior stateman, will forgive Nga for his small mistakes and appoint Nga Kor Ming a Minister. I strongly believe Nga will be a valuable asset in the Pakatan Harapan Government.


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