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Following the posting of my recent article “Will Tengku Razaleigh stand by his 10 golden principles”, readers in the internet space responded with many interesting comments.

The comments relate not only to Tengku Razaleigh himself personally but also to the other candidates in UMNO’s presidential race.

These comments provide honest feedback from Malaysians, especially of the younger generation, which UMNO’s leaders are unlikely to have the benefit from their own supporters.

I hope whoever wins the UMNO presidency realizes that Malaysians cannot be taken for a ride anymore on any issue – be it race, politics, economics or religious.

If it remains the same UMNO, the party will never return to power.

It will go the way of the dodo because voters are now not so stupid after benefitted under Pakatan Harapan rule.

Here is a sample of the comments. I have omitted the harsher and more hard-hitting ones in the interest of internet ethics.

  1. Everyone in Umno has 10 golden rulers but once they become leaders they have this DEDAK rule.
  2. You can have 20 or even 50 golden principles but if all merely talk, what’s the use? I am sure Ku Li knows about the crimes of Najib but he just holed himself up in Kelantan. So, which of his golden principle allows him this silence?
  3. He must be blind and dumb because he cannot see the IMDB corruption and cannot say anything about it. He preaches his 10 golden principles but he does not practise them because he allows UMNO to break almost all his 10 golden principles.
  4. Bersih, other NGOs, many social activists and even the Opposition parties expected him to voice out against IMDB scandal, but he let everyone down to avoid expulsion by Najib. Malaysians of all races, especially the Malays had full trust in him and if not for Najib, Tun would have lost to him in the bid for UMNO’s presidency. Tun Mahathir was only able to edge by some forty votes as the Pahang delegates voted in favour of Tun on the advice of Najib. A man without principles trying to make a comeback. I doubt he can succeed.
  5. This list is like a joke, right? All 10 principles are those broken badly by BN. They are basically a list of what they did the opposite. I did once in the past believed and supported Tengku Razaleigh. But he re-joined UMNO and if they are really his golden rules, he absolutely abandoned them by doing so.
  6. He is like a lame duck. Many people doubt he can win in the coming UMNO general election to become its president. But if he wins he has to clean up all the shit left behind by Najib.
  7. If UMNO wants to change and comeback…Ku Li is the man. We need the old boys to clean up – looks like it. On the way, stick to bribing Zahid. Ku Li must join TDM to recover the monies stolen by UMNO middlemen
  8. Any Wong, Nik, or Vellu can come up with 10 Principles like Najib but in reality, many politicians in UMNO are hypocrites – Politics Without Principles. The acting United States attorney, Sandra R. Brown, publicly stated in June 2017 that “billions of dollars that should have been used to help the people of Malaysia, but instead was used by a small number of individuals to fuel their astonishing greed.”


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