Glaring Unfairness to YB Nga Kor Ming

I have received many comments on my article “Unfair Appointment of Ministers”.

One commentator said that the appointment of Syed Saddig Syed Abdul Rahman is the most glaring unfairness.

Syed is only 25 years old and the first time Member of Parliament. He was appointed the Minister of Youth and Sports. He is the youngest-ever minister in the history of Malaysia.

Another commentator said the following Ministers in Tun M’s cabinet are first term MPs which have no administrative experience at all:

1. Tourism Minister Mohammad Din

2. Energy Minister Yeo Bee Yin

3. Youth & Sport Minister Syed Saddiq

4. Work Minister Baru Bian

5. Education minister

6. Entrepreneur Minister Mohd Ridzuan

Another commentator said PH is a coalition government but when Tun M appoint his cabinet, he did not respect the list of candidates submitted by PH component parties. For example, PKR submitted Sungai Petani MP Dato Johari Abdul, a senior MP & whip but he is being dropped. The same goes to Nga Kor Ming & Chong Jien Jen who both recommended by DAP CEC.

The appointment of Minister did not reflect the number of seats won. For example, Amanah won 11 seats only but 10 of it’s MP are being appointed as Ministers & Deputy Ministers. On the other hand, PKR won 49 seats but only have 7 ministers & DAP won 42 seats only being given 6 ministers. This is blatantly unfair.

As you can read the 3 comments I mentioned above, a large number of the newly appointed minsters do not have track records as good as Nga Kor Ming.

Nga Kor Ming’s amazing track record

Nga Kor Ming being the Perak DAP leader won all the 18 allotted state seats in the last few general elections, more seats than any of the coalition parties.

This is his 5th term as state assembly man since 1999 and his 3rd terms as MP since 2008.

He is the deputy secretary general of DAP.

In 2008, he defeated PPP’s President Tan Seri M Kayveas in Taiping.

I know Nga Kor Ming very well. In the last general election, I went to 9 places within Perak to campaign for Pakatan Harpan especially for DAP candidates. In fact, I went to Telok Intan to campaign for Nga Kor Ming to fight against millionaire Gerakan President Mah Siew Keong, the former BN Primary Industries and Plantations Minister. Nga won by 12,000 votes.

I was told that DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng promised Nga that he would strongly recommend him to be a full Minister if he could kick out the BN Minister Mah who had won his seat several times in the previous general elections.

In short, he has defeated 2 BN’s component’s parties Presidents who were Ministers. That is why I say that he deserves to be a minister.

In anticipation of becoming a minister, Nga Kor Ming did not even request to be a member of the Perak EXCO.

I suggest Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng to appeal to Tun Dr Mahathir who has the absolute power to appoint Ministers to consider YB Nga Kor Ming.

We all must bear in mind that Najib has absolute power and see what he has done.

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