The Human Resources Minister wants to reduce foreign workers. Is this the right policy?

The Human Resources Ministry is looking into reducing the dependency on foreign workers, said its minister M. Kulasegaran.

In his fourth official day as minister, Kulasegaran said the foreign workers policy was now subject to review as priority is to be given to local workers.


As I have been the Secretary General of the Master Builders Association Malaysia for 9 years, I know how badly we needed foreign workers. There are thousands of buildings and infrastructures in every town and city in Malaysia and without foreign workers we could not have built all these properties and structures.

Have you seen a Malay or an Indian carpenter?

Malaysia is the world’s second largest palm oil producer. Without foreign workers, how could we achieve this economic development?

I suggest our Minister M Kulasegaran to visit Penang to see how Penang has been earning huge amount of foreign exchange from its export of computer chips and other goods. There are literally thousands of foreign workers and without them Penang would not have been so progressive. As a result, Tun Dr Mahathir chose the former Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng as the Finance Minister.

The Human Resource Ministry also wants all restaurants in the country to only recruit locals as cooks from July 1, says its minister M. Kulasegaran.

There are only a few Japanese and a few restaurants in famous hotels which require foreign chefs in the country. How many locals can perform the task?

Food in Malaysia especially Ipoh is now a tourist attraction. A lot of tourists come by busses to Ipoh everyday just for food. In fact, many foreign tourists are here because they cannot get “char quey teow”in other countries.

I wish to take this opportunity to tell our Human Resources Minister about my friend’s problem in getting work permits for qualified Thai Masseurs to operate his chain of Thai Massage Parlours in Ipoh and in Kuala Lumpur. His Ipoh branch could not apply for work permit because it has not been approved by the ministry. He has to use his KL branch to apply. Moreover, he has to give Rm 10,000 under the table for each work permit.

Frequently the police would raid his Ipoh massage parlours and arrest all the Thai masseurs because they have work permit to work in his KL branch and not to work in Ipoh.

I trust our Human Resources Minister can resolve all the issues I mentioned above.



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