Dayang: A great buying opportunity 

Koon Yew Yin 11 Jan 2020

At the close yesterday, UBS Investment Bank, with HQ in Zurich was queuing to buy 2.6 million shares at Rm 2.50 and there were only 31,100 shares selling at Rm 2.51. The closing price was Rm 2.51. 

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With UBS Investment Bank’s strong support, Dayang share price can only go up higher and higher. Every investor should not hesitate to take advantage of this great opportunity to make more money. 

As I said many a time before, I posted the most buy recommendations for Dayang than any other stock in my life. Many readers did not believe me. This has proven all my critics wrong. 

With UBS Investment Bank’s aggressive buying, the price will continue to go up higher and higher for many more years to come. Even if the price of petroleum dropped drastically, Petronas will continue to pump oil because the company has already paid for all the oil rigs and Dayang will be given more and more maintenance contracts. 

Dayang is in a monopolistic position where there are practically no competitors. Carimin and Uzma are too small to compete with Dayang. That is why the prices of these 2 stocks remained so depressed.   

This aggressive buying by UBS also means that those who have sold earlier cannot expect to buy back at cheaper prices. What are they going to do with the sale proceeds? They cannot find another stock with the same profit growth prospect. They should be humble and admit their mistake so that can take advantage of this golden opportunity to make money.  

When UBS is wanting to buy Dayang so aggressively, you cannot lose money if you buy as soon as possible. I will use all my available margin finance to continue buying. 

As I said before, readers must remember your buying or selling will not affect the share price because UBS is buying aggressively.    

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