Dayang: the worst is over

Koon yew Yin 8 March 2020

Practically all the listed shares including Dayang are affected by our recent political upheaval and the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. No investors dare to boast that their holdings are not affected. 

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As you know, Dayang has gone up from 50 sen to a high of Rm 2.94 within 13 months and during this period I have posted many buy recommendations. Only fools did not follow my recommendation to buy Dayang. 

Due to our political upheaval and Coronavirus outbreak Dayang price crashed. I am not ashamed to admit that I too have margin call and I sold some at prices above my cost. I believe the worst is over.

You can see one coup after another had taken place

and the ruling party voted in by the people

in the last General Election is ousted from power.

Like the general public, I am disgusted for this is not how democracy works. I believe democracy will ultimately be restored through people’s power. 

Only the next Parliament session can resolve this issue-who has the vote of confidence? 

Coronavirus patient’s recovery

Another positive news is that Coronavirus patients are fast recovering in China. 

  • The number of Chinese patients who have recovered from the coronavirus is greater than the number who are still being treated.
  • The tipping point came in late February, and has held – as of March 6 there have been 53,880 recoveries in China, compared to 23,676 outstanding infections.

The tipping point came around the end of February, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, and has continued strongly since as more and more people get better. 

You may like to see a report by CIMB that checks on the ”back-to-work” status in major cities of China and the news that mention China’s ports are clearing after they are back to work. (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-ports-graphic/chinas-top-container-ports-unclog-backlog-as-virus-curbs-ease-idUSKCN20L0V5)

Based on the reestablishment of our democratic system of government soon and Coronavirus recovery as I describe above, Dayang and most of the good listed stocks will rebound soon. 

Even the oil price drops drastically, Petronas will continue to pump because the company has already paid the cost of the oil rigs and Dayang will be awarded more oil rig maintenance contracts. Dayang is the most efficient maintenance contractor. Currently Dayang has more than Rm 2 billion worth of contracts by which Dayang will gain more profit in the next few years.     

I have been searching for another stock with similar profit growth prospect as Dayang in vain. I cannot find one for me to spread my investment risk.   

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