Dayang: Beware of an unscrupulous buyer 不道德的

Koon Yew Yin 19 Feb 202 

Today just before the close of trading an unscrupulous institutional investor queued 2.21 million shares to sell at Rm 2.86. He wants to frighten shareholders so that they would quickly sell because there are so many sellers. He wants to use this dirty or ridiculous trick to cheat you. If anyone really want to sell, he would not queue so much to sell. A smart way to sell is to queue in the number less than the number of buyers. Obviously, he is trying to trick you. Sellers are generally not so stupid. Unfortunately, many are tempted to sell because the price has gone up so rapidly as you can see from the price chart below.  

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Currently institutional investors are desperate because many of the counters which they have bought at higher prices are dropping like bombs due to the Coronavirus fear. For example, all the companies that depended on the tourists, Air Asia, Hotels, properties, contractors, and many industries such as motor assembly which are depending on the Chinese export.  

Fortunately, buyers are not so stupid and they were not afraid to buy at Rm. 2.86 which was the closing price. The price went up by 3 sen with 8.13 million shares changed hands. The price went up because there were more buyers than sellers.  

The aggressive buying indicates that many institutional buyers are expecting to see an increased profit in the 4th quarter which will be announced in a few days.  

I cannot find another stock that complies with my share selection golden rule of 2 consecutive quarters of increasing profit. Dayang 1st quarter EPS – 0.47 sen, 2 quarter EPS 5.7 sen and 3rd quarter EPS 11.1 sen. Just based on its profit growth rate, it is safe to assume its 4th   quarter EPS will be 15 sen. Its annual EPS will be 31 sen. Assuming it deserves to sell at P/E 12 the minimum price should be Rm 3.70 per share. 

I am very confident its profit for next year will be more than this year because the company has already resolved its financial constrain by its recent right issues. It is like Dayang has a monopoly in the oil rig maintenance business. Its competitors like Carimin and Uzma are relatively small. Only stupid investors would sell Dayang.  

My intention for writing this piece is honourable. My wife and I have more than 35 million Dayang shares. We have more money than we require and I know money is useless to me when I die. I have a full-time employee called David Loh helping me to give away Rm 3 million a year to help poor students. To select really poor students is not so easy because everyone will say that they are poor and they need money. Up till now, I have given more than 300 scholarships to help poor students and many of them have graduated. 

My condition is very simple. All my scholarship recipients must remember that I helped them when they were poor and when they have spare money, they should help other poor students. By this way, I am creating more and more charity workers as time goes by. 

If you know of any student whose family income is less than Rm 3,000 per month and is qualified to enter local universities, please tell him or her to write to David Loh, [email protected].    

Let me tell you about a stingy dying accountant. Lying on dead bed, he asked if all his children and relatives are present. They answered   “ yes, we all are here to watch over you”. Then he asked why the kitchen light is on?        

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