Investment Seminar on 16 Feb Sunday at 11am

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As you know, I have changed the venue for my talk from Meru Golf Club to YMCA and finally to Ipoh St. John Hall where I can place 150 chairs.

Ever since I set open the invitation to my talk, there are so many people interested. I have already written to the first 150 people to confirm their reservation and I regret to have turned down some people who applied late.

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Now I have decided to allow people to attend if they are prepared to stand. I will ask those youngsters to offer their seats after the first session of my talk so that you do not need to stand all the time.

Those who are interested, please write to me: [email protected].

To save time I advice all attendees to read all my previous published articles so that I have more time to answer all the questions you have raised in this forum. I will also tell you why I am seriously accumulating Mudajaya and slowly buying into some other counters.

My intention is honourable and altruistic. I am not trying to sell you anything or ask you to buy to push the share price. The daily turnover for Jaya Tiasa and Mudajaya is so large, even if all of you rush to buy them, it will not make any difference. Moreover, I do not need your help to make more money.

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