Success Transformer – to buy or to sell

The group is principally involed in the manufacturing and trading of electrical appratus and industrial lighting products. About 40% of its product is exported to China.

Many of my friends who have bought this share asked me whether they should buy some more because currently there are a lot more investors taking notice of it or they should take profit since it has strike its all time high.

That is a very difficult question to answer.

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I am very good at finding really undervalued stocks but I am always afraid to tell people when to sell to take profit.



All I can say is that it has been making increasing profit ever since it was listed in 2005 and its revenue has also been increasing every year. It obviously has the competitive market advantage. The 1st Q of the current year shows that both of its revenue and profit have increased. This shows that it is likely to continue to make increasing profit.

My answer: I will not sell because I believe it will continue to make more and more profit every year.


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