What is wrong with Eversendai?

As you can see, the price of Eversendai has been falling quite sharply in the last few day and many concerned and worried investors have asked for my opinion.

As I said many a time before, no share can go up or drop continuously for whatever reason. After a while, the price must make some correction. Many weak holders would follow the crowd like sheep to sell without thinking logically about the reasons why they have bought the share. They will have the problem when the price continues to go higher, they will not buy back at higher prices than the prices they sold. As a result, they have missed the opportunity to own a small part of a really great construction company.

Some clever day traders would sell and buy back at lower prices. They have the problem to decide when to buy. Studies has shown that these people can only make enough for a living. They cannot be rich.

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Only long term clever investors can make a lot of money to be rich.

Examine your track record:

Readers must seriously examine their track record to see how they have been performing. If they have not been doing so well like most of the commentators in, they must change their method of selecting shares to buy and learn when and how to sell to get the best advantage.

My talk for all the construction contractors:

About 3 months ago, I gave a talk under the title “How to overcome contractors’ difficulties?’ at the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) Building in Kuala Lumpur. MBAM members are most of the contractors who have been building all the properties in every town and city. The entrance fee for each attendee was Rm 300. The total collection was Rm 34,000 and I donated Rm 100,000 to start a scholarship fund.

Open tender system

The most difficult obstacle every contractor has to overcome is the open tender system- cheapest tender gets the contract. Every tenderer must be very optimistic in his estimation of his cost so that he can submit the cheapest price. He must assume that he has no difficulties in getting his labour and materials at current prices. He must also assume that he will not meet too much rain and he will have no construction difficulties.

When he is awarded the contract, invariably almost all his assumptions will not come true. Due to inflation and other reasons, all the labour and materials will cost more than what he has allowed. Moreover, he will meet more bad weather and unforeseen construction difficulties.

As a result, he will not be able to complete his contract on time. Statistics shows that almost all construction contracts cannot be completed within the original programme.

One: I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tan Sri A K Nathan, who is Chairman and CEO of Eversendai and Deputy President of MBAM, stood up and said that he has no difficulties in completing all his contracts on time. Wah! I am very impressed.

Two: I am also very impressed by Eversendai’s press release after its recent AGM. It has contract works in 15 different countries and it has secured projects worth RM557.6 million to-date, bringing a total of RM1.3 billion projects secured for the year 2017. Eversendai have been executing projects in India from 2009 and have gone through great details over the years in learning the intricacies in doing business in the sub-continent. This has culminated in a successful year for the Group here in 2016 with future projection looking very promising for making inroads and improving profits through capitalising on significant projects. “India continues to be a focal point for the Eversendai Group as the country continues to push construction as part of their rapid economic growth. We are continuously establishing ourselves as a niche steel contractor for highly complex land mark projects,”

Three: Eversendai specialises in large steel structures and was involved in the construction of several large and tall buildings such as Capital Gate Tower, Abu Dabai, Burj Al Arab, Dubai, Tanjong Bin 3 X 700 MW coal fired power plant, Malaysia and many others.

Four: Eversendai is not like most construction contractors. I believe there are very few contractors of this class in the world. As a result, it has less competitors and should be able to secure contracts with a higher margin of profit.

Five: Tan Sri Nathan openly declared that his company can complete Rm 2 billion value of works in the current year. From long experience in the contracting industry, I can assume that he can achieve 5 % net profit for the current year and 7.5% for next year.

Based on these profit growth prospect, you can see from Bursa announcements that I have been buying Eversendai frequently.

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