Hengyuan reminds me of Supermax

As you know, I have posted a few articles to recommend readers to buy Hengyuan which you can find in my blog.

Today it went up Rm 1.06 and many of my followers wanted to know what they should do. Should they sell and laugh all the way to their bank?

This situation reminds me of Supermax in 2010 during the HINI fever epidemic. I also recommended people to buy while I accumulated so many shares that I became the 2nd largest shareholder. As shown on the price chart, it went up from Rm 1.20 to above Rm 6.00 within 12 months.

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The above chart shows that the price has gone up more than 400% within 12 months. From my long experience and observation, I notice that if 3 persons bought the same share and at the same time, each of them will get different result.

A day trader would be very happy to sell if he got 100% profit.

A short-term investor would likely sell if the price went up 200%. In fact, many weak holders would sell especially during a temporary price correction.

Only serious investors will not sell and super investors would dare to buy some more.

My remisier from Maybank Investment Bank, Ipoh can confirm that my wife and I bought 230,000 shares today. I strongly believe it is still very cheap in terms of P/E ratio. I cannot find another share with such good quality selling at such low P/E ratio.

Can you recommend me one with such good quality selling below P/E 5 ?

The above is Supermax price chart

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