Hengyuan’s wild price fluctuation & how to react?

As you can see that the share price of Hengyuan fluctuates so wildly and also so widely that I am as puzzled as most investors. Its high and low of a day can be more than one Ringgit.

As I said before the fantastic rise of Hengyuan from about Rm 2.50 to above Rm 19, an increase of about 800% within one year, has created history in our local stock market that no one including I have not seen before.
As a result, many people asked for my advice and I told them that I also do not know how to react because I have not seen such a situation before.

For your information, I have not started selling seriously. My family members and I have a total of more than 20 million shares. Hengyuan is our second largest investment. JAKS is our largest investment.

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I consider unfair for the few commentators to say that I have promoted the share by writing so many articles to encourage them to buy and I dumped my holdings.

I am not writing this article to encourage you to buy or sell Hengyuan. But if you do decide to buy or sell, you are doing it at your own risk as I do not have any share of your profit or loss.

You must bear in mind that when I start to sell, I am not obliged to tell you.

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