US President Donald Trump’s speech in Davos


Donald Trump twits so often as if he shoots without thinking. Many psychiatrists said that he should have his head examined. Even a famous writer wrote so many bad things about him in the book with the title “Fire and Fury”. There are so much of bad publicity that many people got the impression that he will not be able to perform as President and all the Americans will suffer during his tenure as President.

I am pleasantly surprised to listen to his speech in Davos a few minutes ago. I like to share with you what I just learned.

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He said that in almost all the countries in the world, the Presidents or Prime Ministers are usually politicians. When he was elected as President, many people did not expect him to be able to perform because he was only a business man.

What does he know about politics and government administration?

He said the best way to judge his performance is to base on facts and figures.

Since he took office, one year ago, his achievements are as follows:

  1. He reformed the tax system to make it easier for people to do business. He has reduced the tax from 35% to 21%.
  2. Apple brought back US$ 350 billion to expand its production facilities and created thousands of jobs.
  3. Due to the reduced tax, many of the unprofitable companies are making money and are showing profits. As a result, the stock market Dow Jones broke record high 81 times within one year. This has created history.
  4. The lowest unemployment rate in the last 17 years for the African and the Latin Americans.
  5. Every worker’s family income is richer by US$ 4,000 per year due to tax cut. They have more spending power.
  6. For every rule he made, he has removed 20 unnecessary rules and regulation to make it easier for doing business in America.
  7. As a result, many American and foreign companies opened up new businesses.
  8. He wants to encourage foreigner to invest in America to create more jobs.

The Importance of business sense in share selection:

By the way, I like to mention that to be very successful in share investing, you must have a good business sense. That is how I became the 2nd largest shareholder of each of the company, namely Latitude, VS Industry and Lii Hen. I also have more than 6 million Hengyuan shares. Each of them went up a few hundred percent within a couple of years.

I am now the largest shareholder of JAKS which has gone up from Rm 1.00 about one year ago to close at RM 1.75 today. I expect Jaks to perform just as well as the other counters which I had become substantial shareholders.

With due respect to Mr Ooi Teik Bee who follows his FA and TA system so rigidly that he would not buy Jaks because it does not comply to his buying principle. He does not look at Jaks’ business. He will soon recommend buy when the share price of Jaks shoots above its 70 days average. I expect this to happen when the company   reports its good profit before end of February.

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