How I dare to buy so much JAKS

The title of this article will give you the impression that the writer is very boastful. I must admit that I am very egoistic. Ego is not one of my strong points. Nevertheless, I must say it is my ego that has been pushing me forward to achieve greater height.

I started buy Jaks about one year ago. I bought 6.8 million shares at Rm 1.06 per share on 28 Feb last year when the company announced losses in its 4th quarter ending December last year.

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Since then I have been selling all my Lii Hen to buy Jaks. I have been the 2nd largest shareholder of Lii Hen at one time. I do not have any more Lii Hen. Currently I have been selling Hengyaun to buy more Jaks. You can see from the company announcement that my wife and I have a total of about 150 million shares.

How I dare to buy so much Jaks when the company’s latest announcement of its 3rd quarter as shown above, EPS of 2.09 sen and for the 3 quarters was only 4.16 sen per share.

For a long time, I was quite worried. Occasionally, I have been wondering what will happen if my judgement was wrong. What will happen when I have been writing so many articles to encourage readers to buy Jaks? I have boasting about my acquisition. If I am wrong, where can I hide my face?

After I took our famous Mr Ooi Teik Bee to visit Jaks’power plant in Hanoi, he did not buy even one share to give me some moral support.

I often see so many rude and abusive commentaries on i3investor forum. I was so annoyed and disgusted.

Fortunately, the Public Bank analyst wrote a strong recommendation with a target price of Rm 1.75 per share after his site visit. The Affin Hwang analyst wrote another very positive recommendation with a target price of Rm 2.25 per share, after his site visit.

Now with these 2 professional analysts believing my judgement, I feel so relieved and I may be exonerated if I was really wrong in my judgement.

Currently, the daily volume traded has increased and the price is rising gradually. It was selling below Rm 1.30 in mid-September last year. It closed at Rm 1.80, a rise of 38% in 4 months.

Every super investor have the 3 most important qualities, namely knowledge, decisive and bravery. As soon as he finds a good stock, he decides and bets with all his available funds. In the same way I bought Supermax, Latitude, VS Industry and Lii Hen. Each of these counters went up a few hundred percent with 1 or 2 years. I am proud to say that I was the 2nd largest shareholder of each of these companies.

My intention of writing this piece is to teach people how to make more profit from the stock market, although the article sounds very boastful.

I wish to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.


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