My purpose in life


Our ultimate aim in life is happiness. Happiness begins from the moment you do something for others. Those who consistently help others, are happy, and do not come across any obstacles in their lives. Research indicates that they are less stressed and improved mental health.

The purpose of life is to serve others. However, when doing so, you should not expect something in return; your intention should be to lessen other people’s misery. Service to others should be sincere and done from the heart; only then it is fruitful. Do trees eat their own fruit? No. This teaches us that human beings should not only use their mind, body and speech for themselves, but also to serve others. When you do this, nature in turn will reward you.

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I do not want anything in return

Up till now, I have given more than 300 scholarships to help poor students to complete their tertiary education. I told all the scholarship recipients that they do not pay back the money I spent on them when they have graduated. But they must remember that I helped them when they were poor and when they have some money to spare, they should help other poor students. Human nature is such that a few will forget but many will remember to follow my advice. By this way, I have created more and more charity workers as the years go by, even after I am gone.

Forbes Magazine July 2011 issue carried an article “Hero Philanthropy” in which 4 heroes were selected from 12 countries including Australia and Asia. In Malaysia, the 4 were:

1 Vijay Eswaran co-founder of E- Commerce Conglomerate

2 Vincent Tan Founded Gaming, retail and Hospitality Conglomerate, Berjaya Group

3 Hijas Kasturi, architect who has designed several landmark buildings in KL, conservationist and promoter of the Arts

4 Koon Yew Yin Co- founder of IJM Corporation Bhd.

I was selected by Forbes because of my method of creating charity workers.    

As I said happiness is our ultimate aim, you need to have a purpose in life to be happy. If you do not have a purpose in life, you will be going around and around, chasing your own tail.

Everyone is born to do some work to make a living. Even if you are born with a golden spoon, you still have to work or do something to while away the time. Otherwise, you will find life boring.

It is important to choose a profession that you like. For most people, money is the most important consideration even if the job is not so interesting. But for some people, money is not so important. Their work must be interesting.

Statistics shows that people involved in finance, banking and accountancy are making more money than people in any other profession. Moreover, they can find employment easily. Every business needs an accountant to finalise the company’s accounts for tax purpose. The among the top 3 jobs in every large company, at least one of them is an accountant. That is why I recommend my scholarship applicants to study accountancy, finance or banking.

Just a few days ago, 6 of my scholarship recipients visited me. Wan Pui Yee is the most outstanding who always arranges with a few of her schoolmates who are my scholarship recipients to visit me during the Chinese New Year season. Among the 6 girls from Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh, she is the 3rd girl from the right in the photo. A few of them came with their husbands.

I gave scholarships to these girls 10 years ago. All of them have graduated with an accountancy degree and they have been working for 6 years already. Pui Yee while teaching in UTAR, completed her Master Degree.


She had 12 As in SPM and could not get a scholarship from the Government. Moreover, her father was a steel welder working in Kampong Kuchai, Ipoh. The small amount of money I spent on her has changed her life and provided her a good future. I told her that she is a good organiser and has the right attitude. She should be very successful in life.





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