EVERSENDAI- what is my average cost


As you all know, frequently I have been posting articles on my investing method, on politics and how to help people, especially poor students. Many people misunderstand my good intention and as a result, I often receive irritating criticisms from readers. Even the ruling Government has been trying to curd my activity in helping the opposition financially and physically.

Many of my sincere friends told me to stop writing. I am 85 years old, wealthy, own the best cars and live in one of the best houses that money can buy. Why should I bother? My intention is honourable.

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For example, Eversendai, many of my critics are saying that I am desperately wanting to push the price higher so that I can sell to make money from the poor suckers and I am having margin call. From Bursa announcement, you can see the table and the price chart below that on 28 April 2017, I have already accumulated 45,949,300 shares when the price was 65 sen. I must have started buying a few months before that when the price was below 60 sen. On 17 May 2017, I reported that I have bought another 7 million shares totalling 52.7 million shares when it was trading between 60-90 sen. As I am not good in calculation, you can work out what is my average cost.

On 19 Sept 2016, EPF announced that it was no longer a substantial shareholder which meant that it had sold almost all its shares below 50 sen. As a non-substantial shareholder when EPF sold, it did not require to report. So, EPF continued to sell all its shareholdings for me to buy.

I was not afraid to buy even when EPF had no faith in Eversendai because its committee members did not have business sense.

As I said before, I have not seen another Malaysian company with an exceptional skill in steel structure construction. Moreover, the company started its operation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai at the right time 20 years ago. These 2 countries have so much money from petroleum export that they are using the money to build infrastructure, schools, universities, hospitals etc to benefit the people. There are only 3 million Arabs but there more than 6 million Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. This migration reminds me of the Chinese migration to South-East Asia.

I am not good in financial and technical analysis but I have a very good business sense. I can see Eversendai will be able to show good profit growth which is the most important catalyst to move up share prices. Just based on the current earnings, its P/E should be below 10.

The analytes from TA, The Edge and others posted articles with a target price of 74 sen. Since the site visit, the daily traded volume has increased massively. Yesterday about 11.35 million shares changed hands and the closing price was 97 sen. No private individual has so much money to buy so many shares. Only investment funds can buy in such big volume. I suspect they write to state 74sen as their target price to encourage people to sell to them. In the last few days, the price has gone up from 70 sen to close at 97 sen, an increase of 27 divided by 70 = 39%. I have not seen such a high rate of increase before. Have you seen a similar case before?

Business sense is far more important than FA and TA. I started buying Eversendai when both its FA and TA were not buying signal.

I trust you can understand me better and have learned a new lesson to make more money from the stock market.

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