Can you recommend shares for me to buy?


In the last few months, I have been looking for good shares to buy. There are about 1,100 listed companies in Malaysia and beside JAKS and Eversendai, I cannot find any share that can comply with my simple requirement. I sound so stupid but it is true that I cannot find.

My simple requirement is that the company must show increasing profit in the last 2 consecutive quarters and with good profit growth prospect. In addition, it must be selling below P/E 12.

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Although Hengyuan has increasing profit in the last few quarters but it does have good profit growth prospect.

Ever since I sold all my Hengyuan, I have a lot of buying power especially when both Jaks and Eversendai are recovering from their lows.

I have asked all my remisiers from TA Securities, Kenanga, RHB Investment Bank, Maybank Investment Bank, Hong Leong Investment Bank and Hwang Affin where I have investment accounts and they could recommend any share that can comply with my requirement.

That is why I am appealing desperately to you for help. This will give all my critics the opportunity to show off their intelligence. They can email [email protected].

Thank you in anticipation.

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