GE 14-what you must do?


The coming GE’s polling date is fixed on Wednesday 9 May 2018. The BN Government purposely fixed it on a working day so that out station voters will have difficulties to go back home to vote. Out station workers are people who could not find work in their home town easily and they will most likely vote for Pakatan Harapan.

In the last GE13, BN won 47.38% and PH won 50.87% of total votes, yet PH lost control of the Government because the BN Government allocated more seats in the small towns and villages where there are more Malay populations who would vote for the BN Government.

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Fortunately, Dr Mahathir has formed a political party, called Pribumi Bersatu, to join PH. All the parties in PH have decided to appoint Dr Mahathir to be the next Prime Minister if PH won the coming GE 14. This will attract a large number of UMNO members to vote for PH.

The total voting age population is 18 million. That means about 7 million people who are eligible to vote, did not bother to vote.

Remember it is your duty to distribute this message to all your contacts so that they can also distribute it to all their contacts to encourage more people to go to vote out the corrupted BN Government.

I wish to point out one of the wrong doings of the BN Government is the North-South highway. The Government has been collecting toll for more than 30 years. The daily toll collection must be tens of million Ringgit. I am very sure the Government has recovered all the construction cost and interest charges for the highway. It is so ridiculous to increase toll rate because more people are using the highway.

God only knows when the BN Government will stop toll collection. I strongly believe if PH wins control of the Government, all the voters can demand the abolition of the toll collection.

Remember that every time you pay toll, you are being cheated by the BN Government.

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