All Malaysians must read this before GE 14 on 9 May

After reading this, please circulate it to all your contacts so that they can also circulate it to all their contacts to win more votes to kick the corrupted BN Government.

The photo shows Dr Mahathir is reading my speech which I delivered about 2 months ago, when Dr Mahathir’s party PPBM held a fund-raising dinner at Hotel Riverfront, Ipoh, where I donated Rm 200,000.

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My political speech

All the professional politicians will be talking about the corrupted BN Government and how PM Najib has stolen billions of Ringgit from all the citizens. I am not a politician but I know the importance of politics and the people we elected will make all the rules and regulations that would affect the economy of the country and your future.

I have prepared my speech for those who are unable to attend to listen to my speech.

Why we need to change the corrupted BN Government?

The British gave Malaysia independence in 1957, 61 years ago. Since then the BN Government has been ruling the country. Malaysia should have been a fully developed Nation long ago because the British left us a very good ruling system, Moreover, we had rubber, tin, timber and other natural resources. At one time, we were the biggest producer of rubber and tin in the world.

I remember in 1970 our GDP per capita was the same as that of Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. Now Singapore’s GDP is 3 times and both Taiwan and South Korea are 2.5 times that of Malaysia. These countries do not even have timber to build their houses. How could they progress faster than Malaysia?

In 2012, I wrote a book with the title “Malaysia: Road Map For Achieving Vision 2010”. If you wish to have a copy, you can contact strategic Information and Research Development Centre, KL. Email: [email protected].

I have written in my book how we could become a developed Nation under 6 chapters which are: 1 Leakages and corruptions. 2 Human Resources Development. 3 Governance Issues. 4 Religious Harmony.5 Growing Divisiveness. 6 Conclusion: Transforming Malaysia into A Modern and Progressive Democracy.  

As you can hear from all the professional politicians saying how our Prime Minister Najib stolen several billion Ringgit from all of us and why we must change the Government to become a fully developed nation, like Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.

Let me tell you how we can easily win control of Perak, my home state.

There are 59 state seats in Perak. In the last GE13 we won 28 seats and we lost control. In the GE12, we won 31 seats but the BN Government bought 3 of our elected members and we lost control again.

But this time is different. Dr Mahathir has formed a political party called Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) which will be contesting for 15 seats in Perak. In fact, I suggested to Dr Mahathir to contest in one of the 15 state seats allocated to his party. Assuming that the old coalition parties will win 28 seats, I am very sure PPBM will win more than 3 seats to win control of Perak.

Many of the old die-hard UMNO members who have now joined PPBM, will now vote for the opposition. As a result, many of the seats which we lost by a small margin in the last GE, for example Manjoi, which our candidate Tuan Hj Asmui Alwi, lost by 132 votes, will most likely win this time.

I am sure wherever there is a 3 parties fight, PAS, UMNO, and PH, Pakatan Harapan will most likely win because many of the Malays will votes for PH.  


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