Unsolvable Enigmas


A few days ago, I have posted my recommendation to buy Lion Industries in which I also stated that I have already bought 28 million shares in the last few weeks. Many readers accused me of trying to encourage readers to buy so that I could sell to make profit. Why didn’t I recommend it when it was selling at 70 sen a few weeks ago?

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I am quite wealthy and I do not need to make money from small punters by any dishonest method. You must remember, there are millions of investors buying and selling shares every day. Why should I post recommendation on just to cheat the few small punters?

As you know, over the years I have been posting many articles or recommendations on stocks with good profit growth prospect and often I felt frustrated by some senseless comments. Many ignorant readers misunderstood my good intension. For example, I must have recommended many times to buy Latitude Tree which had shot up more than 800% in 2.5 years. On each occasion of my recommendation, many readers doubted my intension. They said that I was encouraging them to buy so that I could sell to make profit from them.

In the same way, I have posted buy recommendations on Lii Hen and VS Industry, each of which had gone up several hundred per cent.

In the stock market, there are always some unsolvable enigmas or puzzles or phenomena. Who is right and who is wrong, no one can tell. Buyers would think they are right to buy and sellers would think they are also right to sell. Only time can tell who is really right.

During the 2.5 years when Latitude Tree was going up to more than 800% there must be many sellers and buyers and all of them must be thinking that they are right. Let me illustrate this puzzle in the stock market by another example. When 3 persons see the Malaysian flag flapping in the wind. One would say that the flag is waving, another would say that the wind is blowing and the third would say that they are all wrong. It is your thinking is waving. All the 3 persons are right!!!

Mr Ooi Teik Bee and I believe the price of Lion Industries will continue to go higher if the market condition remains unchanged.    

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