My Last Sermon on Share Investing

I have decided to stop posting articles on share investing on the forum. My main reason is to avoid seeing senseless criticisms. Hiding behind anonymous names, they can write senseless criticism without responsibility. Many a time, when I post buy recommendations with good intention, a few readers would say that I want them to buy so that I can make profit from them.

For example, I recommended to buy Lion Industries because I have already bought more than 28 million shares. The share price was shooting up so rapidly from 70 sen to above Rm 1.20 within a few weeks. They said that I should have recommended them to buy when it was selling at 70 sen. Now I want them to buy so that I can sell.

A few days ago, I even said that Lion Industries would report reduced profit for the 4th quarter before the end of August and I expected the price would fall which would be the best time to buy.

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Now I am not asking you to buy or sell. You are free to do what you like. But you must remember that even good share with very good profit growth prospect does not move up or down continuously without temporary short-term correction.

Although I have decided to stop posting articles on share investing, I will continue to post articles on politics. I think I have played a significant role in changing the corrupted BN Government. For my effort, I have been appointed as an economic adviser for the State of Perak.

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