How to make 40% in 2 years?


You can see from Jaks’ announcements that the company had made share placement twice recently. On 22 March 2018, 50.7 million shares at Rm 1.39 per share and on 16 March 2017, 43.9 million shares at about Rm 1.40 per share.

You can also see Jaks’ company announcements that on 13 June 2018 Ang Lam Pouh, the CEO bought 50,000 shares, on 12 June 2018 bought 200,000 shares and on 8 June 2018 bought 550,000 shares from the open market.

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My wife and I have also been buying a lot of Jaks.

Based on the above, the share price should not drop below Rm 1.40 per share when the 1,200 MW power plant is completed within 2 years from now.

The last traded price was Rm 1.05 and if you buy at this price level, you should be able to make at least 40% within 2 years.

The price chart below is for your reference. It shows the price has bottom out and it has been going up in the last 5 trading days, indicating a trend reversal.

Can you think of a better way to make 40% in 2 years?


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