A test of true friendship

I am writing this article of my actual experience in the last few days. There is an old Cantonese saying “kor qui lai pan”. It literally means that you have placed a plank for a friend to cross a stream and after he has crossed, he removed the plank and left stranded.

As you know, I have posted a few days ago namely “Forced Selling” in which I openly said that I lost a huge sum of money. I am shocked to learn that among all my friends, only one came forward to help me. As an English saying: a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Many of my friends have asked me to manage their investment accounts. I selected 2 friends who deserved my assistance.

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After reading my article “Forced Selling”, they knew I am desperate for financial help. One immediately asked me to return all his capital including the paper profit when the market was good. The other told me not worry because he believes I can make back some money with my skill.

As I said, I had to sell 20 million Jaks shares on the previous trading day. The total volume changed hands was nearly 130 million shares. There must be many other investors who had to sell 110 million shares. The closing price was 50 sen. I think it was overdone. It is a good opportunity for day traders to make money.


1 When you are rich and famous, many people want to be your friend.

2 When you are desperate for help, very few people will help you.

3 Don’t be shocked to know that when you are down, your so-called friend will step on you.

4 Do not expect the people whom you have helped to show gratitude.

5 When you are depressed, think of something that can make you happy.  You need a diversion.

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