How to live a useful and happy life


Knowing that we will inevitably die one day, you may ask why are we still striving so hard to live? What is the purpose of our striving so hard to live our life?

We are living in a very complex society where one can’t even predict what others are thinking, and life is full of endless worries, going through endless tribulations that are full of spices of all sorts, encountering endless hurdles in life, at times feeling of hopelessness, and memories of past, and have to endure a busy and taxing today, an unpredictable tomorrow and the irony of not knowing when our lives will come to an end.

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That is life! So, remember as busy you are, love yourselves and take good care of yourselves

Life is just like weather, can make predictions but more often than not, is unpredictable. Whatever it is, be it a sunny day or unpredictability of life, to have good attitude and mood everyday, is something nobody can denied and deprived you.

Be in control of your daily life, take good care of your own health is the most precious thing of all.

Between gains and losses, just accepts it with a good heart without resentment and take it as fateful is the wisest attitude of life

There are many sayings that are full of wisdom

We all have our shortcomings, so learn to embrace and accept each other’s shortcomings

We all have our shortcomings in certain aspects and so be humble and not to be too critical of others shortcomings

We all have our individualistic character but must learn how to accommodate one another

We all are different so must learn to accept one another

We all have our sad moments in life, so learn to console each other

We all have our happy moments in life, so learn to share the happiness with one another

Fate brings us together, so learn to treasure every one, be it family members, friends and be happy everyday

If you give your current Mercedes or BMW to your children, in 10 years time, they will say the cars are too old

If In 10 years time when you are unlucky to be bed ridden and holding your bank deposit books in your hand and ask your children to take care of you, they will ask you to get a maid to take care of you

If In 10 years time, you are still healthy and can travel, exercise

and dance, your children will heap praises for you for being a very wise person

The best present for your children is to remain healthy at old age

In life, we only need to take care of two things:-

Firstly, educate your children so that they are not a parasite to the society

Secondly, take care of your own health so that you will not be a burden to your children

Please take a look at the following classic speech by a professor in XiaMen University 

In no time, we will inevitably come to an end of our lives and as far as the world is concerned, our physical self will disappear from the universe without traces

For all the hard work we put in all our lives and for all the wealth, reputation and accolades that we so treasured in our lives, we will never be able to bring along with us when we depart from this world and our physical self will disappear from the universe without traces

In our lives, no matter whether we are rich or poor, we will face the same eventuality, i.e. come to the end of our journey some day. When you look back our lives from the other world, our past lives just like a vacuum in universe, gone without traces

So from now onwards, we must live a purposeful and happy lives

In no times when we reach the end of our life journey, all the material aspect of our lives shall disintegrate and turn into a handful of yellow earth

So we shall treat everyone with kindness as there is no next life to be kind to others

Life is short and for the many promises to live a good and purposeful life, we never really get down to do it and before long, it will be too late

How many of us ever promised ourselves to be true friends for life and in no times, we became total stranger

So while we are still alive, comrades, old school mates, friends, colleagues, please don’t miss any chance to get together to cherish the love and care, and companionship

Please treasure all the people that are dearest to you

Mutual understanding is the essence of real friendship. Please do not live a life full of regrets. Friendship will not last if it is not being treasure

There is no absolute stupid person but pretending to be stupid just for you as friend. Friends who can forgive you just because they treasure the friendship and not wanting to lose you as a friend. It is only because of sincerity and mutual treasuring that you will see a lasting relationship or friendship

When you are in absolute advantage position, do remember to give others a second chance; when you have the absolute right reasoning, do remember to forgive others; when you have the ability, never look down on others

People who are too smart will be disliked by others; people who are too petty will be despised by others; people who are too arrogant will be dumped by others

Life itself ultimately is just like vacuum in universe and there is no point to be too petty and calculative.

Mind our language as it will hurt others’ feeling. Too much resentment hurts emotionally

Strives hard to live a life with clear conscience and without much of a guilty feeling.

There is endless arguments as to who is right and who is wrong and too much arguments will not win one’s heart

Be contented with your wealth as greed is insatiable.

Friends who are poor always become close buddy and vice versa

When your heart is at peace, every day is a happy day.

When you are at piece with yourself, it is a life worth living

When you think too much, you will become too worrisome

When you are too particular on thing, you will become troubled emotionally

When you are chasing too much of material wealth, you will be become tiresome emotionally

Treasure the people close to you in life as it is fate that bring you all together as you will not have a second chance

Try your best to live a happy life every single day as before you realize it, we have reached the end of our journey

Try you best to experience the everyday life as we only have the current life, there will not be a second life

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