Mandatory Death Sentence for Corruption in China  


China’s most corrupted public hospital director caught and sentenced to death. He was the cause of inflated hospital fees and medication!!!

Death sentence is a good way of putting an end to corrupt practices in CHINA. Otherwise, many people in CHINA will suffer at the hands of corrupted leaders and officials. Corrupted leaders and officials are not indispensable.

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In Malaysia, former Prime Minister Najib has embezzled billions of Ringgit from taxpayers and he is still freely going about as if he has done nothing wrong. Besides Najib, many corrupted Government officials are still laughing to their banks.

Malaysia ranked 62 of 180 countries in Transparency International’s most recent global corruption index, with the NGO’s local affiliate warning that corrupt officials have been able to “stash their ill-gotten gains in their house or foreign banks and invest them in luxurious mansions, expensive cars or lavish lifestyle for their children with total impunity and in blatant disregard for the citizens they are supposed to serve.”

In the recent CNN interview, our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir said that most of the former BN Government officials are corrupted.

Since Malaysia has mandatory death sentence for carrying fire arm without a licence, cases of robberies and kidnapping using fire arms are so rare.

In the same way if mandatory death sentence for corruption is introduced, corruptions will surely be much less.

I strongly suggest our new Pakatan Harapan Government introduce death sentence for corrupted leaders and officials.


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