Dayang: I should not worry about its daily price movement 

As you know, I have posted a few buy recommendations on Dayang and I have already used up all my money to buy it. I don’t have any more money to buy. I should not worry about its daily price movement. The closing price for today was Rm 1.38 with only 17 million shares transacted which is a healthy sign. It means that the rich institutional investors could not buy many shares at cheaper prices.

As soon as they rush to buy more aggressively, the price will shoot higher. I believe it will go higher and higher and reach my target price of Rm 3.00 sooner or later.

It is useless to worry about its daily price movement. If it drops a few sen, I don’t have money to buy and if goes up a few sen, I am not going to sell. In any case, whether it drops or goes up it does not matter to me.

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I am planning to go to UK to spend time with my children and grandchildren.

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