Cancer patients have 4 commonalities you should know   

Many people would have seen the 15 minutes long video by Dr Luke Coutinho about cancer prevention. I wish to summarise the whole story for you because cancer is such a frightening disease.

Dr Luke is a Holistic Nutritionist specialising in the field of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine.

Luke along with his team of qualified Doctors and trained nutritionists design wellness plans with a holistic approach towards prevention, weight and disease management with expertise in cancer care.

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Luke is a motivational health, wellness & lifestyle speaker with advanced certifications from Australia and New York and is tied up with leading hospitals in New York and London.

Why pharmaceutical companies do not research on cancer prevention?

It is against their interest. Their aim is to sell medicines to cancer patients.


Luke and his team interviewed hundreds of cancer patients and most of them have the 4 following commonalities:

1 Frequent constipation

Most cancer patients have frequent constipation which means that the excreta (shit) is retained in the body longer than usual and some of the poison can travel back into his blood stream.

2 Acidic

Most cancer patients’ digestive systems are too acidic.

3 Lag of sleep

Most cancer patients do not have 8 hours of sleep every night. As a result, their bodies cannot produce enough of melatonin which helps to control your body temperature.

4 Stress

Most cancer patients are having too much of stress due some difficulties or unresolved problems.

My advice

I am 86 years old and in the last 20 or more years, I have only seen a doctor once for a prolong cough. Although I am not a doctor, I think I am qualified to offer my advice.

When I wake up in the morning, I drink 2 glasses of water and eat about half a pineapple which is very fibrous. I drink a cup of black coffee without sugar. I do not eat anything until lunchtime.

The water and pineapple are literally washing and brushing my digestive track which is about 27 feet long. As a result, I absolutely do not have constipation.

Throughout the day, I drink more water than I actually require. As a result, I go to toilet quite often. I avoid sugar and I eat small amount of rice. I eat vegetables, fish and chicken. I try to avoid eating red meat.

I have covered the first 2 items constipation and acidic.

To encourage sleep and reduce stress I need to do some physical and mental exercise with the right attitude.

Physical exercise:

At my age, I cannot do vigorous exercise. I just walk about for about 10 minutes, swing my hands and do deep breathing exercise. Fresh air is free and plentiful. I do this routine quite frequently throughout the day. I do not sit down for more than 1 hour.

Mental exercise:

I watch the stock market during trading hours. Besides this, I write articles to criticise the corrupted BN Government. Since Pakatan Haprapan (PH) has won control of the government, I write more on share investment and useful pieces to benefit all my readers. I am writing this piece is a good example.    

Right attitude:  

Every morning when I wake up, I should feel happy because I did not die the night before. I am lucky to be alive to do good things and enjoy my life.

I must forget all my difficulties in the past, I must enjoy the present and look forward to enjoy my remaining days.

I believe education and wealth alone cannot make me a better person. I must have the right attitude to enable me to live a happy and useful long life.

Studies have shown that education, wealth, right attitude and happiness can prolong life.    

My advice is to stop worrying. Time will change everything. The key to happiness is contentment. Be satisfied with what you have and don’t compare yourself with others because you don’t know what they have gone Get a good sleep to improve your immune system.

My advice for those who have too much stress is to remember time will change everything. Always look at the bright side of any problem. If they still have too much stress, they should see a psychologist to change their mindset.


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