Teo Seng: nothing wrong

After I posted 2 articles, namely “Comparison of Teo Seng, Lay Hong and Leong Hup and Why so many people eat eggs” to encourage readers to buy Teo Seng, the share price has been dropping. Some readers might have followed my recommendation. As a result, they are losing money.

My creditability is more important than money

I am feeling so disappointed and it looks like I am losing my creditability which is more important to me than money. However, I wish to reiterate that there is nothing wrong with Teo Seng. Last evening, I had to buy a few hundred thousand shares to prop up the price to close at Rm 1.14.

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I wish to point out the following:

Teo Seng’s last 4 quarterly EPS 7.37, 5.76. 2.34 & -0/18 sen. Total for 4 quarters is 15.29sen. Last closing price Rm 1.14, P/E 7.5

Lay Hong’s last 4 quarterly EPS 1.81, 0.57, – 1.70 & 0.34. Total for 4 quarters is 1.08 sen. Last closing price 43 sen, P/E 40

Leong Hup’s last quarterly EPS 1.78. IPO price was Rm 1.10 in April 2019. Last closing price 91 sen


Teo Seng is the best in terms of profit growth prospect which is the most powerful catalyst to move share price. Moreover, it is selling at P/E 7.5 while its nearest competitor, Lay Hong is selling at P/E 40.

Notice to buy Teo Seng

Any one who wish to sell Teo Seng at Rm 1.13 per share, please contact my remisier Ms Yau of Hong Leong Investment Bank, Ipoh, telephone 05-5119110. Each transaction should not be less than 100,000 shares.

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