Dear Malaysians, My Sincere Apologies

Dear fellow Malaysians,

Regrettably, I would like to retract the statement I made in my blog on 12th August 2019. I claimed that the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) personnel does nothing but eat and sleep, and this is untrue.

To this end, I would like to extend my deepest and sincerest apologies to every person who has served and is currently serving the MAF proudly.

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I regret the tone of the statement but it was not my intention to defame or belittle the army. I completely retract my statement and apologize for my mistake.

It was never my intention to cause this much ruckus and to insult the army.

I am proud to be a Malaysian and I am forever grateful for unwavering loyalty and dedication of our army.

Having been through World War II myself when I was a kid, I experienced first hand the sacrifices that our army made to defend their fellow citizens and our beloved country.

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It was really, really foolish of me to momentarily forget all that during the heat of the moment when I wrote the article. Reflecting back on it now, words cannot describe how truly sorry I am. Again, I would like to apologize.

Alas, I know actions speak louder than words. Thus, moving forward, I will thoroughly reflect on my actions, and make sure that I’ve gotten all my facts right before saying such comments again.

Respectfully yours,
Koon Yew Yin

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