China’s achievements

After I have watched the live coverage of China’s 70 years celebration on 1stOct 2019 and the TV coverage of the US-China trade war, I am encouraged to write this article. Obviously, people don’t know these facts because they don’t get any positive news from the American media, no matter if the media is left or right, CNN or FOX. 

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American and Western media don’t like to tell people the truth about China. 

Let me tell you briefly how China can progress so fast in recent years. In the last 40 years, China has alleviated more than 500 million people out of poverty.  

China is the world’s largest economy based on GDP and the world’s largest economy by purchasing power parity. China’s GDP growth rates for the last 3 years are 6.7%, 6.8% and 6.6% respectively. While the US and all the so-called rich nations have GDP growth rate of about 3% per year. Based on China’s faster GDP growth rate, it will continue to progress much faster than any other nation in the world. 

How China practice democracy? 

The west keeps criticizing China for not practicing democracy as they do not have general election to allow all its citizens to vote for their leaders. Although China does not have similar general election like the west, it does practice democracy in different ways.  

Chinese system of government

China is governed by the central committee. Its members are provincial and local representatives who elect the president, ministers etc. The leaders are elected by their peers. This is how China practice democracy.   

China practices meritocracy 

The civil service exam system in imperial China was a system to select the most studious and learned candidates for appointment as bureaucrats in the Chinese government. This system for the selection of civil servants has been in practice for more than 1,000 years, making it the world’s longest-lasting meritocracy. 

Managing the whole country is like managing thousands of businesses where efficiency is the key for success. There are 274 universities in China and each university produces more than 30,000 graduates each year, totaling about 10 million graduates every year. If some of these graduates who want to join the civil service, they would have to pass the imperial exam. As a result, only really clever graduates are employed in the civil service. Promotion is based on meritocracy. After many years of working experience, the more efficient officers get promotion to take charge of villages, towns and cities. In China, even a small village has a few million people. When these civil servants become city mayors, they are selected to be members of the central committee which makes all the rules and regulations to govern the country. As I said earlier, the central committee selects the President, Ministers, Mayors etc. 

You may also like to know the following facts: 

China’s ‘One BeltOne Road‘ initiative. This initiative is a Chinese economic and strategic agenda by which the two ends of Eurasia, as well as Africa and Oceania, are being more closely tied along two routes–one overland and one maritime. The first freight train from China arrived in London on 18 Jan 2017, having crossed 7 countries in 18 days from Yiwu, on China’s east coast, travelling 12,000km. It delivered 34 containers of clothes and other goods. 

From Google, I found that as of 2014, the length of railways in China totaled 112,000 km (69,594 mi), including 16,000km (9,942 miles) of high- speed rail. 

🔸*400,000+ Chinese students* are studying /living in America and each year they will spend about _*30 billion US Dollars*_ in America? 

There is no any other single country that can contribute so much to the American economy & education. 

Imagine how many teachers will lose their jobs if these Chinese students are not here?

🔸Do you know that there are about *two million Chinese visitors* each year coming to the US? 

Do you not notice that all major tourist sites & stores in the US have signs in the Chinese language? 

Each Chinese tourist will spend *_$6,000-$7,000_* in America; imagine how many jobs have been created by that. 

🔸China has already bought thousands of Boeing planes. In view of the recent 2 Boeing crashes and also the current trade war, China will unlikely buy any Boeing planes. China will buy more from Airbus now.

🔸Do you know that besides America and Russia, China is also able to send *astronauts to space* and has the ability to build a _*permanent space station*_? 

China is the first country that has landed a *probe* to the *_”dark side”_* of the moon.

🔸Wonder if you know that the *railroad & new trains* in Africa built by Chinese are even _*better*_ than rail / trains in America? 

And LA, Boston, NYC all have ordered subway trains *made in China* and the first group of newly China-built trains have been in operation in Boston subway. 

By the way, high speed train systems are all over China with a speed of *350 km/ hour* while here in the USA we don’t have any of it. Even in the richest state – California -we don’t have funds to build one.

🔸Do you know that China is the *biggest overseas market* for three major _*US automakers*_ ? 

In 2017, Buick sold _*1,229,804 cars*_ in China, Ford sold _*951,396*_ and Chevrolet sold _*538,671*_. 

Isn’t that the dream of any automaker in the world?

🔸Maybe you don’t know that in 2017 China Box office *Hollywood movies* raked in _*3.26 billion US dollars*_ ? 

Is there any bigger overseas market for Hollywood ? 


🔸Do you know that the Chinese have bought many *American icon businesses* including Forbes Magazine, Chicago Stock Exchange, AMC _*(2.6 billions)*_, Smith Foods _*(7.1 b)*_, Legendary movie studio _*(3.5 b),*_ GE Appliance division _*(5.4 b),*_ The Waldorf-Astoia _*(2 b),*_ Ingram Micro _*)6 b),*_ Motorola _*(2.9 b),*_ Ritz-Carlton _*(3.9b).*_

🔸If you are an American, do you know that the *largest foreign holder of U.S. debt* is China, which owns more than _*$1.24 trillion*_? 

Without the borrowed money from China, the US government will be a bankrupt.

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