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Currently I have Dayang, Carimin and Uzma only. Since all of them have gone up in value, I have a lot of buying facilities to buy new counters. I need to find a few new stocks to diversify. 

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Please kindly recommend a few new stocks for me to buy. 

I have studied the details of Thong Guan, Guan Chong, Lii Hen, Poh Huat, PIE Industries and Kronology. They all complied with my golden rule for share selection which is that the company must report 2 consecutive quarters of increasing profit and the projected PE must be less than 10. Unfortunately, they are so illiquid and the daily volume traded for each counter is very small. For illustration just look at the current trading at 11.00 am. Thong Guan 69 lots traded, Guan Chong 112 lots, Lii Hen 34 lots and Poh Huat 67 lots. In fact, I have bought almost all the shares as mentioned.

For comparison Dayang 4.2 million traded, Carimin 1.81 million and Uzma 5.83 million. 

I am afraid to buy too illiquid stocks because I will have difficulty to sell them when I want to sell. 

Please kindly recommend stocks that can comply with my golden rule for share selection and daily volume trade must be more than 500,000 shares. My email is [email protected]

Thank you in anticipation. Koon Yew Yin    

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