Dayang’s shareholders must have imagination

Dayang’s shareholders must have imagination

Albert Einstein said one must have imagination which would lead to visualization and visualization would lead to reality. All investors must have imagination to be able to make money from the stock market. 

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As a Dayang’s shareholder, I can imagine Petronas will continue to pump oil for a very long time. Even if the petroleum price dropped by another 50%, Petronas will still continue pumping oil because the cost for just pumping is very small. Petronas has already paid billions of Ringgit for the construction of oil rigs or oil platforms. It is still very profitable to just pay for pumping and sell the oil.   

If you google you can see that the average cost for an off shore oil rig is US$ 600 million which is like a city and they all need maintenance and repair. 

Dayang is the largest maintenance contractor in this region where Petronas has discovered a total of 163 oil fields and 216 gas fields. 

Core business: One of the earliest and most experienced providers of integrated services to the oil and gas industry, Dayang is involved in the provision of maintenance services, fabrication operations, hook-up and commissioning and chartering of marine vessels.

Strength: Since its inception more than 25 years ago, Dayang has built an impressive track record for innovation, quality, skills and expertise.

Dayang’s competitors are Carimin, Uzma and Petra Energy which are relatively small. All clever investors should be able to imagine that Dayang will continue to make more and more profit for many more years to come. All chartists can imagine that the price chart will continue to go higher and higher. 

As a shareholder, I can imagine that I will be buying more and more Dayang shares as the price goes higher and higher for a long time. 

Remember imagination leads to visualization and visualization leads to reality.   

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