Dayang, Carimin & Uzma comparison

Koon Yew Yin 29 Dec 2019 

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Mr Ooi Teik Bee has been teaching charting for many years and he   believes price chart is more important than financial analysis. All smart investors must believe in price charts because price charts cannot lie. The daily price of any share is fixed by investors. If buyers are more than sellers the price will go higher. If buyers are less than sellers the price will drop lower. Never buy down trending shares because the price will continue to drop. Always buy up trending shares because the price will continue to go higher and higher.  

Dayang price chart

Carimin price chart 

Uzma price chart 

From the above price charts, you can see that Dayang has gone up from 50 sen to close at Rm 2.50 within 1 year. Carimin has gone up from 50 sen to close at Rm 1.29 within 1 year. Uzma has gone up from 60 sen to close at 99 sen within 1 year. 

These 3 price charts show that there are more smart investors buying Dayang. Only stupid or foolish investors will buy Carimin and Uzma instead of buying more Dayang.    

I have been searching for another stock with similar quality as Dayang in vain. I just cannot find one!!! As long as there is oil Petronas will continue to pump because Petronas has already paid for cost of the oil rigs. If you Google, you will know that the cost of 1 oil off shore rig is US$ 650 million. It is like a floating city. 

I cannot find another stock that complies with my share selection golden rule of 2 consecutive quarters of increasing profit. Dayang 1st quarter EPS – 0.47 sen, 2 quarter EPS 5.7 sen and 3rd quarter EPS 11.1 sen. It is safe to assume its 4th quarter EPS is the same as its 3rd quarter of 11.1 sen. Its annual EPS will be 27.5 sen. Assuming it deserves to sell at P/E 12 the minimum price should be Rm 3.30 per share. 

I am very confident its profit for next year will be more than this year because the company has already resolved its financial constrain by its recent right issues. 

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