Good buying opportunity for clever investors

Coronavirus epidemic will affect investors’ sentiment. Ever since the Coronavirus epidemic flu started a few weeks ago, almost all the stock markets around the world ‘

have been depressed. The US stock market Dow Jones dropped 603 points on the last trading day. Most investors are fearful that the epidemic will continue and kill 

more and more people. You can see that the KLCI has been dropping as shown in Index chart below. 

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Even Mr Ooi Teik Bee sent out his weekly report to advise his subscribers to sell now. He sold his Carimin to cut loss. Unfortunately, many investors bought Carimin 

aggressively on 24 Nov 2019 when he had circulated his weekly report recommending Carimiin with his target price of Rm 1.52.  The Carimin chart below tells the whole story

All investors must ask themselves the following questions:

1 how can you make money when you bought Carimin at much higher prices when Mr Ooi Teik Bee advises all his subscribers to buy? 

2 Why should you sell when everyone is selling so aggressively to depress the share price? 

3 How can you make money if you do not take advantage of this is a good buying opportunity?    

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