Don’t Quit when face with challenges

Koon Yew Yin 30 March 2020

As you know, the Covid 19 is spreading around the whole world and everyone is so fearful. No one can be sure that he or she will not be infected with this deadly disease. Many towns, cities, offices and factories are shut down. People cannot go to work to make a living. All the people, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and investors are losing money.  

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I thought this poem will help you overcome this challenging time.  

John Greenleaf Whittier had an important role in the 30-year struggle to abolish slavery as a politician, but also as a poet and moral force. In 1833, his friend and patron William Lloyd Garrison wrote to him in a plea to enlist to the gathering struggle, saying “Your talent, zeal, and influence are all needed”. 

Oftentimes, it’s not just someone’s physical or practical help that we need, but also their zeal and encouraging words. Poems can be a great source of comfort when you need motivation to pick yourself up and keep on going during a rough patch. We hope this poem by Whittier titled ‘Don’t Quit” could be that one for you. 

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