How to stop worrying?

Koon Yew Yin 12 April 2020

As you know, everybody without exception is worried of contacting coronavirus. Until the Covid 19 pandemic is under control, people will continue to worry. During this period of confinement, we must take care of our physical and mental health.  

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What happens when you worry too much?

Perhaps you unconsciously think that if you worry enough, you can prevent bad things from happening. But the fact is, worrying can affect the body in ways that may surprise you. When worrying becomes excessive, it can lead to feelings of high anxiety and even cause you to be physically ill.

There are many things in life we can’t control—everything from tiny annoyances to tragedies. We can’t control if our grandmother gets cancer and passes away. We can’t control if we get cancer.

We can’t control what others think, say or do. We can’t control what others think of us. We can’t control who our loved ones hang out with. We can’t control who we work with or who’s in charge. We can’t control Mother Nature, or today’s traffic. 

But we can control our reactions to all the things that we can’t control. When we are faced with something that we really cannot avoid, we must just accept it and hope for the best outcome. Remember nothing is permanent, things can change. 

I wish to take this opportunity to share with you my experience regarding this matter. In 1983 I had a massive heart attack and I was shocked when I was told that I would die. What could I do with all the money I earned from listing our companies? After a while, my mind began to accept the issue and to find suitable solutions. I also accept the risk of undergoing an open-heart bypass surgery in Mayo Clinic in US or Harley Street Clinic in London. At that time, these were the only 2 Hospitals in the world that could perform open-heart surgery. Moreover, casualty rate was very high because patients were like guinea pigs. Currently, even in Ipoh, there are 3 hospitals that can perform open-heart surgery. 

Always have hope

As I said we must always hope for something good to happen. While recuperating in London, I read the Financial Time that the Hong Kong stock market crashed because China gave notice to the British Government to recover the sovereignty of Hong Kong. The Hang Seng Index fell below 1,000. I took advantage of the great buying opportunity and made a lot of money. It was so easy to make money from the stock market. I retired from work and became a full time investor.   

The point I want to make is that we can control our reactions to all the things that we cannot control. You don’t have to be so paranoid of contacting Coronavirus. 

Every morning we have 2 choices, to be happy or sad. If you want to feel happy, you can find enough reasons that can make you happy. If you want to feel sad, you also can find enough reasons that can make you sad. The choice is yours!!! 

Happiness can prolong life and health is more important than wealth. 

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