US President Trump is branded a Moron

Koon Yew Yin 26 April 2020 

The US President Trump lost an estimated $1bn of his paper fortune in the past month as the coronavirus lockdown forced the closure of his offices, shopping centres, hotels and golf courses.

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The US president’s fortune has fallen from an estimated $3.1bn (£2.5bn) on 1 March to $2.1bn on 18 March (at the height of stock market panic caused by the coronavirus pandemic) according to Forbes magazine’s annual billionaires list.

During this period of confinement due to Covid 19, I have the opportunity to watch the TV more often. Every time I switch to CNN, Blumberg or other TV channel, I can see the US President Trump making speeches to the press which normally last for about 2 hours. Moreover, he also twitters all the time. 

President Donald Trump’s raising of unproven, even far-fetched ideas for fighting COVID-19 — including his latest musing about injecting disinfectants into people — triggered an outcry from health officials everywhere. It also highlighted his unconventional approach to the special responsibility that comes with speaking from the presidential pulpit  

Lysol issued warning:

A few days ago, on 23 April, Trump was branded a moron for his suggestion of injecting a disinfectant into Covid 19 patients to kill the Coronavirus. As a result, Lysol a disinfectant manufacturer issued warning that injecting disinfectant into your body can kill you. 

Rex Tillerson called Trump a moron

Soon after Trump was elected US President, he fired his Secretary of States, Rex Tillerson because he did not want his advice. Rex served as CEO of oil giant Exxon Mobil before. Rex called Trump a moron. It wasn’t the disagreement over moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, the wisdom of direct talks with North Korea or even the very clear split with the President over Russia’s aggression. It was simply a personality clash. 

Watching and listening to Donald Trump, you cannot be faulted if you think you entered an alternate universe.

You imagine this must be someone’s idea of a sick joke. Then when you realize he is the actual president and responsible for handling this crisis you cannot help but get a sinking feeling in your gut. You know with overwhelming dread we will be hearing from him until a new President is appointed on Jan. 20, 2021. I will not be surprised if Trump is re-elected as President. 

Trump just cannot help himself. He is an incompetent bully; an egomaniac with no trace of empathy. I have not heard a word of encouragement to the American people to fight Covid 19. Many medical experts attacked the President’s proposal while others questioned his fitness for office, fearing his loyal supporters might try swallowing any disinfectant or cleaning liquid. 

If you Google “Trump is a moron”, you can read Lysol’s warning naming Trump a moron to suggest disinfectant injection into the body.  

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