The Chinese proven method to contain Covid 19

Koon Yew Yin 27 June 2020                                      

The 2 charts are better than a thousand words. Unfortunately, the US and many other countries refused to follow the Chinese proven method of containing the coronavirus from spreading.   

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These above 2 charts show Covid 19 cases are still rising in US and around the world. There are 4.05 million cases and 497,000 deaths in the world. US has 2.51 million cases and 127,000 deaths. Yesterday US reported 38,853 new cases, the highest number of new cases in one single day. The number of new cases is rising which is affecting all human activities and the country’s economy.  

What US should do? 

Currently US has the most Covid 19 cases in the world. US’ population is only about 4% of the total world population but it has about 25% of the total cases in the world. Obviously, President Trump is like a blind man groping in the dark and does not know what to do. He keeps bashing China to win more votes for his re-election in November. He blames China for producing and spreading the virus. He called it Chinese virus and now he calls it Kungflu. Unfortunately, most Americans like Trump’s bashing China and the on-going trade war with China. They don’t realise that no one can win in any kind of war. 

The Chinese proven method of containing Covid 19

Whether the US or any other country believes the Chinese method or not, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Currently China has so few Covid 19 cases that can be counted with your figures. 

Yesterday US reported 38,853 new cases, the highest number of new cases in one single day. Yet President Trump does not want to follow the Chines proven method. 

Trump does not even believe in wearing a face mask. He does not want to lockdown cities because he considers economy is more important than human lives. 

The Chinese government considers human lives is more important than its economy. As soon as the Coronavirus was discovered in Wuhan, a city of 12 million people, the whole city was lockdown   immediately. Start testing and contact tracing the patients and the people they were in contact in the last 14 days. All the patients were hospitalised and confined. No visitors were allowed. 

Only when the number of new cases was reducing, the lockdown was slowly lifted and people were allowed to go out to do their normal chores. Nevertheless, all the people must wear face masks and must practise social distancing. They must not stand nearer than 6 feet from one another.

Malaysia performance 

By the way, I wish to point out that Malaysia has relatively few Covid 19 cases because our Ministry of Health knows what to do. 

As I said Covid 19 is affecting all the listed companies with the exceptions of glove manufacturers. Malaysia is the largest glove manufacturer in the world. Moreover, it is not so easy to manufacture gloves. If it was so easy, China would be making more gloves to compete with Malaysia. Currently, the demand for gloves far exceeds supply. As a result, all the glove makers have reported increased profit in the last quarter. Based on the increased of Covid 19 cases in almost all the countries around the world, all the glove makers should continue to report more and more profit every quarter. Many scientists predicted that Covid 19 will not be under control for at least another year, although vaccine is under human testing. 

I also like to point out that the increase glove selling price involved no production cost. It is pure profit.  

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