President Trump could have saved many lives

Koon Yew Yin 13 July 2020 

Currently there are 12,400,000 confirmed Covid 19 cases and 559,000 deaths the world. The daily new cases is more than 200,000. There are 3,097,300 confirmed Covid 19 cases and 132,683 deaths in the USA. The chart below shows that in the US the daily cases started in March and currently there are about 60,000 new cases daily.   

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If President Trump had followed the well proven method of coronavirus prevention as soon as Covid 19 cases were first discovered in March, the number of cases and deaths would have been reduced significantly. 

President Trump must consider human lives is more important than the economy of the nation. Until a few days ago, he did not even want to wear a face mask. As the US President, he must play the leading role and show by example. 

President Trump continues to blame China for spreading the coronavirus to win more votes for his re-election. He calls it Chinese flu and Kongflu. Unfortunately, most Americans like what Trump is doing. As US President, he should have ordered all the state Governors to follow the well proven method of coronavirus prevention to save lives.

The Chinese learned from their experience when they discovered the coronavirus in Wuhan, a city of 12 million people a few months ago. This is a well proven method of coronavirus prevention as follows:

1 Lockdown all the cities and all the people must stay indoors. 

2 Contact tracing to find out the people who were in contact with the Covid 19 patients in the last 14 days.

3 Only when the number of daily new cases is not increasing, lockdown is slowly lifted.

4 All the people must wear face masks when they are out of their houses. 

5 Practise social distancing. People must not stand nearer to one another than 2 meters.   

The US political system is so rotten that I can foresee the down fall of USA. We are witnessing the fall of a great nation. The US economy will continue to plunge and China is or will soon be the richest nation on earth.  

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