Supermax moving up slowly but surely

Koon Yew Yin 9 Oct 2020

Supermax price chart shows that it is moving up slowly but surely because it has the best profit growth rate among all the glove stocks as reported in its last few quarters. 

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Based on its ability to increase its selling price for its gloves in USA, its profit for next quarter ending September should be the best in the history of the company which will be announced before the end of November. 

What investors should do? 

Investors should not sell their holdings. Investors should not be afraid to use margin finance to buy more shares because Supermax is capped at Rm 5.50 per share. Even if the price drops by Rm 1.00, you will not have margin call because it is capped at Rm 5.50. 

Investors should not worry of the price fluctuations because its price is moving up slowly but surely.  

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