Grateful People Are Happy and Healthy

Koon Yew Yin 28 Nov 2020

What are you grateful for today? Scientists have found that people who feel grateful more often are also happier, get better grades and are more satisfied at school or at work. They also have less pain and do not get sick as often. One explanation for this is that grateful people think about the world in a more positive way. Another explanation is that grateful people have better friendships, because they offer more help to people and receive more help in return. 

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Thinking more positively about things that happen to you and have better friendships can both increase your happiness and improve your physical health. The good news is that practicing gratitude is a skill that you can get better at by simply writing down a few things that you are grateful for each.  

What are you grateful for today? This question will have different answers for different people, and your answers could change every day. You could be grateful for that delicious dinner you had, for having good friends, or for the fact that the sun is shining and you can spend time outside.

If you want to be happy and healthy, be grateful. 

Gratitude is the emotion we feel when we notice that something good has come into our lives and we appreciate it. Some people feel grateful more often than others. For example, some people feel very happy and grateful every time the sun is shining, while others barely notice such things at all.

These are the 10 signs you are doing well in life 

1 You have a roof over your head

2 You ate today 

3 You have a good heart

4 You wish good for others

5 You have clean water

6 Someone cares for you 

7 You stive to be better 

8 You have clean clothes 

9 You have a dream 

10 You are still breathing 

Finally, being kind and expressing your gratitude to others, will promote healthy relationships, which can really keep you afloat during difficult times. Don’t hesitate to send a message or even send a thank you note, in response to a kind gesture, or just to let your friends and family know they are seen and loved. 

What I notice

From my long experience, I notice that very few people are grateful for the help they have received. Up till now I have given more than 30 scholarships to help financially poor students to complete their tertiary education. Unfortunately, less than 10 of my scholarship recipients visits me during the Chinese New Year or send me New Year or Christmas card during the festive season.  

i3investors forum

I also notice in the i3investors forum that many of the commentators hiding behind some pseudonym or fancy names often make insulting and senseless comments of my articles. For example; In my last article namely AT Systemization: What investors should know: many said that I wanted to press down the share price so that I could buy back at cheaper prices to make more money. In fact, although I have drafted another article to point out that AT Systemization has already reported losses in every quarter in the last 7 quarters and why it will continue to report losses for another few quarters, I am afraid to post.

In any case, I would like to advice investors to remember that the big shareholder bought their shares at 3.5 sen with free convertible warrants as announced.  

On 27 February, the company issued 998 million shares at 3.5 sen per share and 748 million free convertible warrants to the shareholder. For every 4 shares held by a shareholder, he was entitled to buy 2 right issues at 3.5 sen per share with 3 free warrants which can be converted within 5 years and the conversion price is 3.5 sen per share. 


In addition, under ESSO all company directors and employees are entitled to buy 328 million shares at 3.5 sen per share.  

That is why I sold all my shares and I will not buy it back even at cheaper prices.   

You must remember that the company has not produced 1 medical glove. Moreover, the company has reported losses in every quarter in the last 7 quarters.   

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