Hartalega leads the way

Koon Yew Yin 25 Jan 2021 

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the demand for glove far exceeds supply. As a result, all the glove makers can easily increase their selling prices to make more and more profit.  

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Hartalega just announced its 3rd quarter ending December EPS 29.31 sen. Its previous ending quarter ending September EPS was 15.95, QoQ 83.8% and RoE 24.02%. Its share price shot up 68 sen to close at Rm 13.00 per share. 

Hartalega’s record profit should lead the way for Supermax. 

Supermax’s 1st quarter ending September EPS 30.58 sen. Its previous quarter ending June EPS was 15.19 sen, QoQ 98% and RoE 37.3%. Share price shot up 47 sen to close at Rm 7.00. 

Assuming Supermax’s profit for 2nd quarter ending December goes up proportionally like Hartalega, EPS should be about 50 sen. 

Hartalega EPS 29.31 sen and closing price is Rm 13.00    

Supermax EPS 50 sen and closing price is Rm 7.00 which is very much undervalued.  

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